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IGN: Slebu
By Slebu » about 1 year ago

Please have a look to our server rules:

Please Note: RankWorld does not have ANY rules
*Server Rules Apply to ALL Servers Except Rankworld

All Servers:
1) Be respectful to all players & staff.
2) Do not ask for ranks of any kind.
3) Possession of OP items is bannable. (Not in The Xtreme)
4) Keep cussing to a minimum. (Not in The Xtreme)
5) Use common sense. (Not in The Xtreme)
6) No advertising in any way.
7) Hacked Clients/Mods which give you advantage are not allowed. (Read Allowed Mods Forum) - (Not in The Xtreme)
8) Spamming & all caps is not allowed. (Not in The Xtreme)
9) English only in main chat (use /msg)
10) Do not exploit bugs or glitches.
11) Be honest to any & all staff.
12) Do not duplicate items.
13) No PvP logging! (Not in The Xtreme)
14) Do not spawn mobs to others plots/area/base if they don't want you to. Do not troll players with /spawnmob in any way! (Not in The Xtreme)
1. Griefing, Raiding, & Scamming is Allowed.
2. Try not to spawnkill new players.
3. You MUST set an fhome in your main base.
1. Scamming is not allowed.
2. Don't be a sore loser.
3. Teaming with more than 3 players is not allowed.
1. Do not roleplay in main chat.
2. Innapropriate builds are not allowed.
3. Do not grief other player's plots.
4. Do not excessively troll others.
The Xtreme (Rankworld)
1. Try to be respectful.
2. Keep Abuse to A Minimum ;) Please try :D
 NOTE: If someone is using highly violent language, please contact staff.

1. Do not bridge to other player's islands.
2. Scamming & Stealing is not allowed.
3.  Only 100 entities at a time per island.
1. Do not tpa players to Donator Mines.
2. Don't keep the whole mine to yourself.
3. Scamming is not allowed.
1. Griefing & Raiding is Allowed.
2. Scamming is not allowed.
3. Do not tpa kill players.
1. Use common sense.
2. Be Respectful.
3. Have fun!
4. You CAN sethomes inside other's base (This rule has been changed)

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IGN: BeasTAtRangE
By BeasTAtRangE » about 1 year ago

I just had 3 people say they were going to troll on the server there should be a rule no trolling in certain ways like greasing and other things u agree with slebu it's up to you.

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IGN: BladeNoob
By Kick707 » about 1 year ago

Squaaaaaaaaad kick707 is back ;P


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IGN: ItzDodger
By ItzDodger » about 1 year ago
okowen23 said:

There should also be a rule no asking staff for special things (example gm, fly, etc.


I personally disagree. Especially if it is a new player and he asks for some things, although I agree you mute him if he spams it, I'd rather just tell him we can't as we litreally don't have /gamemode or fly.

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